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General COVID-19 Vaccine Information and Frequently Asked Questions

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-Who is Moreland Plaza Pharmacy?

  • Moreland Plaza Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy in Waukesha. We are the last locally owned and operated pharmacy in Waukesha, and one of only 3 left in Waukesha County. We are a registered COVID-19 vaccine provider in Wisconsin, and as of March 1, have administered over 1,500 doses of vaccines.

-Who are you vaccinating?

  • By state rule, we are currently vaccinating eligible patients only, which now includes all Wisconsin residents 12 years of age and older. If you are not eligible yet, please do not sign up for an appointment.

-Do I need an appointment for a vaccine?

  • Yes, we are vaccinating by appointment only. Appointments can be made using the link on our website – if there is no link, it means we have no doses to give.

-How are you handling “extra” doses?

  • We are working to fill every dose by appointment. If doses become available on the day of a clinic, a posting will be made that doses are available and appointments will become available on our website. Do not come to a clinic without an appointment or to wait to see if a dose becomes available.

-I am 16 or older and am eligible for a vaccine. Why can’t I get one today?

  • The demand for the vaccine is far greater than the supply of the vaccine. Every vaccinator is working as hard as they can to vaccinate as many people as possible. It is going to take time to get everyone done – we all need your patience and understanding.

-Do you have a waitlist I can get on?

  • No, we are not adding to a waitlist at this time. For those that were on our list before we suspended it, we are working through the list via phone call as quickly as possible. Our policy is one phone call and then we move on, and no messages are left. If you see Moreland Plaza Pharmacy or Medical Center Pharmacy pop up on your caller ID, please answer the phone.

-How are you scheduling appointments?

  • As doses become available, we will be posting an appointment app to this website and or our Facebook page (@morelandplazapharmacy). Appointments will be first come, first served, and to be made through the app only. Please do not call to make an appointment.

-When do you get doses?

  • Each week, we request doses of vaccine from the State supply. As more providers look for supply, the supply for each provider gets smaller. At this time, we do not know how many doses we will get each week, but we will continue to request them and post availability to our website.
  • When we do get doses, we get them just before our scheduled clinic. The doses all require unique storage, and we want them in the pharmacy for as short of a time as possible to minimize any potential problems. As you are scheduling a dose, please remember that you have to return for a second dose clinic 3-4 weeks later (depending on the vaccine manufacturer), so if you can’t make the second clinic, please do not take the appointment for the first clinic.

-Why can’t you do more doses?

  • Besides the supply issue, our staff is working countless hours doing our normal duties before we even start our vaccine clinics. Please understand that giving the shot is the easy part of the whole process – this is a very time-consuming, labor-intensive project. We are all happy to help, and are extremely proud that our locally owned independent pharmacy has given over 1,500 shots as of March 1 – again we ask for your patience and understanding as we fill your prescriptions and immunize the community one arm at a time.
  • Additionally, the current vaccine requires two doses, so a few weeks after a “first dose” clinic, all of our resources will be dedicated to providing “second doses” to that same group of people. During those weeks, there may be no “first doses” given at our clinic.

-I have an appointment for a Moreland Plaza Pharmacy Vaccine Clinic. Is there anything special I should know?

  • Please review the text and email confirmations that you will be sent after your appointment is scheduled. If you do not see an email, please check your Spam folder. If you do not get a text and email, you do not have an appointment.
  • Please come to the clinic at your scheduled appointment time. To help with social distancing, please do not arrive early.
  • Please bring your Driver’s License and your current insurance cards (Medical and Prescription). If you are 65 or older, please bring your red/white/blue Medicare card or provide the last 4 digits of your social security number when checking in.
  • Following your vaccination and per CDC rules, you are asked to remain in our waiting area for 15 minutes to be monitored for any issues.
  • Your entire clinic visit will be approximately 30 minutes.



Moreland Plaza Pharmacy

  • 827 W. Moreland Blvd.
    Waukesha, WI 53188
  • Phone: 262-542-4488
    Fax: 262-650-4040
  • Mon - Fri:         9am - 6pm
    Saturday:         9am - 3pm
    Sunday:             CLOSED

Medical Center Pharmacy

  • 1111 Delafield St., Suite 109
    (inside Moreland Medical Center)
    Waukesha, WI 53188
  • Phone: 262-544-5303
    Fax: 262-544-5304
  • Mon - Fri:         9am - 5pm
    Saturday:          CLOSED
    Sunday:              CLOSED


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